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Textbook Rentals

The Campus Store is now offering a Textbook Rental Program for selected courses each semester. The selected textbooks for rent are identified on our booklist. Click here for Booklist.

You will be able to rent the textbook at the start of the semester, at that time you will sign an agreement with the Campus Store. A copy of that agreement is listed below.


Campus Store Textbook Rental Agreement

  1. I understand the textbook(s) rented to me are the property of Pine Technical & Community College Campus Store. I accept responsibility to use the book and return it to the Campus Store in an acceptable condition at the end of the term or I will be required to pay for a new textbook as a replacement. Textbooks cannot have ripped pages, excessive highlighting or water damage, if any of these conditions are found when the book is returned I will be charged for a replacement textbook.
  2. I understand and accept responsibility to return my rental textbooks by published date. If my rental textbook(s) is lost, stolen or not returned by the above deadline I understand that I will be required to pay for a new textbook as a replacement for the rental textbook.
  3. I authorize the Campus Store to charge my student account for a new textbook if the book is not returned by the deadline of published date or if the textbook is not in acceptable condition (ripped pages, water damage, excessive highlighting).
  4. I understand that my rental fee is only refundable if my book is returned by the 5th day of classes (See Campus Store Return Policy on Campus Store Website).

I have read and fully understand the provisions of this agreement as outlined and I agree to adhere to all conditions and terms as stated. Any current damage at the time of the rental will be noted on the back of the form.